8th Generation Centrifugal Wood Pellet Machine

High Productivity Patented Product

Model Number:XGJ560


Mould:Ring die

Raw Material Proce:Grass, Rice Husk, Wood Sawdust, Biomass, Straw, Cotton Stalks...

Output (kg/h):1500 - 2000 kg/h

Voltage:3phases, 380V ,50hz


Certification:CE, ISO

Place of Origin:Shandong, China

Professional Pellet Machine Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Appearance display video

The processing process of parts and components, and show the pelleting process

Introduction of Centrifugal Efficient Wood Pellet Mill

XGJ series efficinet wood pellet mill is our initiative patented products in China through meticculous research and development. This pellet mill absorbs the quintessence at home and abroad,the heart part adopts"double-layer die" as the unique structure,supplying the blank of vertical feeding of ring-die pellet mill at home,reach the intermational advanced level.

This is our main equipment wood pellet machine. This is our XGJ560 model.Power supply is 132KW, the capacity is 1.5-2ton/hr. We also have XGJ850 pellet machine model Power supply is 250KW, the capacity is 3-4ton/hr. You can choose one model according to your needs. For more questions about the pellet mill, please leave a message or send an email.


Our high-efficiency Pellet machine is suitable for all kinds of biomass raw materials

Sawdust, branches, wood chips, straws, grass, bamboo wastes, bagasse, peanut shells, alfalfa, chaff, coconut shell, waste paper, EFB palm fiber, etc. all of them can be pressed into pellets.

Various Materials For Making Pellets

Yulong Pellet Machine Advantage

ring die pellet machine

The composition of the pellet machine

1.The wood pellet machine is mainly composed of four parts: pellet mill, the lubricating oil pump, the dust removal and the electric control cabinet.
2.The power is 132KW, capacity is 1.5-2tons/hr. The motor is directly connected to the gear box to increase the conversion rate of kinetic energy and improve production efficiency.
Pellet machine gear box

Technical advantages of pellet machine gearbox

The gear box adopts three-stage gear deceleration, the carrying capacity is 5 times larger than the old model, and the service life is super long.The bearings of gear shafts are adjustable structure.The bearing can be adjusted without unloading the machine after long-term running of wear.The gearbox comes with a lubricating cooling system, it can cool down the lubricating oil without stopping the machine to ensure long-term operation. The gearbox lubrication system is equipped with flow detection and over-pressure protection, which can prevent equipment failures caused by poor lubrication effectively.
pellet machine feed system

New feed system

The external setting of the material dial completely solves the problem that the dial material system is easily corroded by high temperature steam. It is a major innovation of the eighth generation wood pellet machine. In the material shifting cover, except for the material shifting turntable, other non-moving parts in contact with materials and steam are all made of stainless steel, which solves the corrosion problem of metal materials fundamentally.
Wood pellet machine

Mould and pressure roller

1.Ring die: It is made of wear-resistant stainless steel material, quenched in a vacuum furnace, and the die has uniform hardness, no breakage, and super wear-resistant; the die holes are processed by high-speed gun drilling, the holes are evenly arranged, and the inside of the holes is smooth.
2.Roller: the roller adopts super wear-resistant alloy welding process, instead of the past surface carburizing treatment. Long life span, while realizing the protection of the ring die.

Development History of Wood Pellet Machine

The centrifugal high-efficiency pellet machine originated from Yulong, and has undergone many core technology improvements and functional improvements since its development in 2010.

Why Customers Choose us

Strict quality management system+High quaility raw materials+Precise processing equipment=High quality pellet machine.

Pelelt Machine Base

Super high machining accuracy

The main shaft of the pellet machine

The main shaft is thickened by 15%

Roller of pellet machine

The surface of the pressure roller adopts robot surfacing welding wear-resistant materials, which greatly improves the life of the roller.

Pellet machine ring die

High wear-resistant stainless steel material, vacuum quenching, ultra-high-speed gun drilling, high-quality hole finish. U

Laser Cutting

The cutting surface of the laser cutting machine is smooth: the cutting surface has no burrs, and the surface roughness of the incision is generally controlled within Ra6.5.

Product Testing

Three-coordinate detector, gear monitoring center, spectrometer, metallographic microscope, high-precision hardness tester...

Complete Process For Bio Pellet Making

Based on different materials, we have suitable pellet making process. The whole process include Material Crushing Section, Drying Section, Pelletizing Section, Pellets Cooling Section and Pellets Packing Section. The production capacity can be 1000kgs/h to max 30ton/h.

Biomass Fuel Pellet Production Process


Rice husk pellets processing technology and equipment

Rce husk is a good renewable biomass raw material, processed into fuel pellets through pelleting machine, converted into rice husk gas through gasification, direct combustion to generate steam or heat, used for power generation, heating and so on.

Industrial Application of Pellets

The industries we serve include: biomass, waste disposal, feed, organic fertilizer, activated carbon, carbon, etc., where we continue to accumulate experience in reducing downtime, increasing production and increasing profitability. This is because Yulong continues to provide reliable equipment and expertise no matter what our customers produce.


1Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
We are a manufacturer, The world's leading manufacturer of biomass pellet equipment
2Will you send engineers to install the machines?
Of course. Our company has professional installation engineers team and specialized after-sale service team. When the machines arrive your factory, we will send our installation engineers to your factory Our engineers will Guide you to install the machines and training your workers how to operate the machines and maintain the machine.
3Voltage requirement?
Our machines can use 380V, 220V, 240V, 415V, 480V, and 50Hz, 60Hz.
4General questions to design the production pellet line for you?
1. What is your raw materials? (to confirm mould pressure ratio of machines )
2. What is the moisture content of your raw material?
3. How many output capacity do you want per hour / month/ year?
Note: If the moisture is high, you need a dryer, becuase the suitable moisture content to enter pellet machine is 13-15%. And please provide us above detailed information, then we would design the most suitable production line with reasonble offers.
5Can you give me the complete wood pellet line machine prices?
If you ask me this question, what i can say is only sorry, because every line different prices according to the different raw material. Before asking price, please note us the output you want, the raw material kinds you will use, and the raw material moisture etc. Knowing these details, we can design the complete line and can give you the detail offer.
6Can i visit your factory and complete wood pellet line machine installed?
Yes, of course, warm welcome. you can get a flight to Jinan Airport. If there is no direct flight, you can arrive Beijing or Shanghai airport, and take fast train to Jinan city. We will pick you at Jinan any station. Before coming, we hope you can inform us by email first.
7what is your after-sell service after buying wood pellet line machine?
1.We will send English manual instruction with your machine .
2.If still not understand its direction, our engineer instruct you by tel or skype face to face .
3.If necessary , we will arrange our engineer to lead you install pellet line at your place.

Pellet Line Case

Wood Pellet Machine Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Wood pellet machines are designed to process raw materials, including peanut shells, straw, sawdust, leaves, wood, and a lot more. Due to the growth of biomass energy, various production technologies are used to convert biomass into usable electricity and heat. Wood pellet mills are capable of processing different types of raw materials irrespective of size. 

Yulong Pellet Machine strives for excellence in the research and development of a wood pellet machine that specializes in sustainable growth, biomass energy, low-carbon footprints, and other fields. We have over 24 years of experience in providing reliable wood pellet machines to help you stand out in the industry competition.

Get a Complete Wood Pelletizing Solution

Our series of efficient wood pellet mills is an attempt to deliver state-of-the-art equipment with a power supply of up to 250KW, a capacity of 3-4ton/hour, and customization options to meet your unique specifications. With its unique structure, vertical feeding of ring-die pellet mill, and other features, it can help reach the international industry standard.


  • Convenient handling
  • Advanced technology
  • Better storage capabilities 
  • Reduced transportation cost
  • Environment-friendly
  • Suitable for all kinds of biomass raw materials

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