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Small Pellet Mill Manufacturer and Supplier

Making pellets from raw materials like wood waste has become highly popular for monetizing waste biomass. That’s why Yulong Pellet Machine focuses on supplying small pellet mills for farm and home use, backed by strong R&D capabilities, advanced technology, and valuable industry standards.

Our company mainly manufactures flat die pellet machines and ring die pellet machines to help industries produce sawdust pellets, animal feed pellets, wood shavings, crop straws, etc. As compared to a large pellet mill, a small pellet machine is highly advantageous and is suitable for farmers to make pellets by themselves.

Features of Small Pellet Machine

  • Motor-drive, three-phase voltage function, and environment-friendly to use
  • Equipped with a gearbox, controls the feeding speed, ensures the quality of feed pellets, and extends the lifespan of the pellet mill.
  • A quick-release die clamp connects the die to the sleeve flange for fast and easy replacement of new dies and rolls.
  • It has low consumption, competitive prices, and is cost-effective.
  • All our small pellet machines are certified 
  • Roller and flat die are made of alloy metal precision materials, so the core becomes wear-resistant and not easy to break.
  • It can process various raw materials into small feed pellets for fish, chickens, shrimp, pigs, rabbits, and other animals.
  • It has a structural design, convenient operation, low noise, high output, high granulation rate, and long service life.

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We have a long series of small pellet mills suitable for home use. They can be used for producing fuel pellets, animal feed pellets, and fertilizer pellets.

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Flat Die Small Pellet Mill

Flat Die Small Pellet Mill Manufacturer and Supplier
The SKJ2- series small pellet mill is one of our mainly products, it is also be called at flat die pellet mill, and the small machine operate easily, and suitable for home use. It can be used for making fuel pellet, fertilizer pellet, and animal feed pellet. The output volume is high, energy consumption is low and the operation is convenient.

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