Wood Splitter

PMY-5011The largest log is 2m, 500mm in diameter
PMY-8018.5The largest log is 2m, 800mm in diameter
Wood Splitter Manufacturer and Supplier
1.Wood splitter is professionally to split big wood logs and various stump. It can change knives frame according to customer requirement to split logs into two pieces or four pieces.
2.Wood splitter has reasonable structure,durable use,high capacity,easy operating,safe work charactors ,which is the best product insteading of saw.
3.Wood splitter is fit for wood chips manufacture to make timber,paper etc and the most ideal product assistantly to produce wood chips. Also now it is the most modern splitting machine.
Working performance
1.Change knives frame according to customer requirement,various use,low invest,convenient repair.
2.Stable knives blade is dealt specially, excellent wear-resisting,long life.
3.Widly used in energy and environmental protection industry, ,low invest,quick feedback.

Wood Splitter Manufacturer and Supplier in China

You don’t need to rely on tractors' hydraulics. Our wood splitter comes with a self-contained pump and hydraulic oil tank. Simply, fill up a hydraulic tank, connect the PTO, and the splitter will do the rest.

The wood splitter is engineered to divide wood logs and various stumps. You can change knives frame according to customer needs to gather logs in multiple pieces. It features great stability, a high capacity of up to 2m, 500-800mm in diameter, ease of operation, and good construction. It is ideal for wood chip producers to further make timber, paper, etc.

This modern wood split machine is extensively utilized in the energy and environmental protection industry due to its high potential to produce wood chips, worthwhile investment, and fast response.

We have a wood splitter available in two models: PMY-50 (11kw power) and PMY-80 (18.5kw power). Both have excellent knives blade with excellent wear-resistance and extended lifespan.

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