Flat Die Pellet Machine Manufacturer and Supplier

The flat die pellet mill consists of a press roller, flat die, feeder, gear bearings, and power source. It can be used in biomass pellet production processes so you can convert waste into useful products for heating at domestic and industrial levels.

It can process a large variety of raw materials like sawdust, wood, bagasse, peanut shells, etc., used as fuel for heating, cooking, animal bedding, and so on. It is widely utilized in farms, wood pellet production lines, homes, and other industry segments to save ample time and money.

Small and Big Flat Die Pellet Mill

If you’re planning to produce biomass pellets, you can invest in our series of small flat die pellet mills. The small machine is easy to operate and maintain, and suitable for home use. It can be used for making fuel pellets, fertilizer pellets, and animal feed pellets. It offers high output volume, low energy consumption, and convenient operation.

We have a dedicated team responsible for before-sales and post-sales support. You can easily maintain the superior performance of flat pellet mills by changing their rollers and dies whenever needed.

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