8th Generation Centrifugal Wood Pellet Mill

Model Number:XGJ850
Raw Material Proce:Grass, Rice Husk, Wood Sawdust, Biomass, Straw, Cotton Stalks...
Output (kg/h):3000 - 4000 kg/h
Pellet Diameter (mm):6-12
Voltage:3phases, 380V ,50hz
Certification:CE, ISO
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Wood Pellet Mill Manufacturer and Supplier | YULONG

Wood Pellet Mill Manufacturer and Supplier

Yulong Pellet Machine is an expert in supplying biomass pelletizing solutions to create a more sustainable future. We manufacture and supply cutting-edge wood pellet mill, which undergoes core technology and functional enhancements. Our series of pellet mills can be utilized in feed plants, biomass fuel plants, fertilizer plants, chemical plants, woodworking factories, etc. 

Our product line of wood pellet mills is the strength of biomass reduction and material densification systems for agriculture, recycling, and manufacturing. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality wood pellet mills and turnkey systems to process raw materials like grass, rice husk, sawdust, straw, biomass, cotton stalks, and more.

Built for Better Output and More Stable Operation

We provide an 8th-generation centrifugal wood pellet mill that can process a variety of biomass materials regardless of their sizes. It gives an output of up to 3000-4000 kg/h, 6-12mm diameter, 3 voltage phases, and 250 kW power.

We continue to upgrade our machines to help you make pellets out of a wide array of materials to meet industry standards. With over 24 years of combined experience in biomass and wood pellet machinery, we are proud to bring specialized wood pellet making systems, useful for small or large-scale operations that require absolute quality and precision.

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850 pellet machine has higher output and more stable operation. It is suitable for all kinds of biomass materials. Our machine is constantly upgrading

Development History of Wood Pellet Mill

The centrifugal high-efficiency pellet mill originated from Yulong, and has undergone many core technology improvements and functional improvements since its development in 2010.

Production Advantage

Strict quality management system+High quaility raw materials+Precise processing equipment=High quality pellet machine.
The YULONG series Vertical Efficient Centrifugal Pellet Mill incorporated the distinguishing features of all kinds of pellet maill at home and abroad. It has unique design, reasonable structure, lower energy consumption, higher efficiency, more stable in motion and much longer service life. It is a YULONG'S patent product which filled a gap of vertical pellet mill. It is wide applicability to the materials which is hard to molding and adhesive: ex. Palm fruit fibre and shell, rice husk, peanut shell, sunflower seed shell, agro-residues, timber processing residues, industial residues. XGJ series pellet mill has a variety of applications in feed plants, woodworking factories, biomass fuel plants, fertilizer plants, and chemical plant etc. It is an ideal dense compression molding equipment!

Pelelt Mill Base

Super high machining accuracy

The Main Shaft

The main shaft is thickened by 15%

The Rollers

The surface of the pressure roller adopts robot surfacing welding wear-resistant materials, which greatly improves the life of the roller.

The Ring Die

High wear-resistant stainless steel material, vacuum quenching, ultra-high-speed gun drilling, high-quality hole finish.

Laser Cutting

The cutting surface of the laser cutting machine is smooth: the cutting surface has no burrs, and the surface roughness of the incision is generally controlled within Ra6.5.

Product Testing

Three-coordinate detector, gear monitoring center, spectrometer, metallographic microscope, high-precision hardness tester...

Pellet Line Case

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