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Tips on Building Commercial Biomass Pellet Plant

Biomass energy has been th […]

Why Rice Husk Pellet Mill is Popular in Vietnam

Recently, biomass&nbs […]

Biomass Pelletization Process

Biomass pellets are a popular type of biomass fuel, generally made from wood wastes

Your best choice for pellet machine -YULONG pellet machine

Recently, one Chile friend place an order of YULONG 8th generation XGJ560 pellet machine, why they choice YULONG pellet machine?

Factors to influence the pellet machine capacity

Raw material size and moisture. Raw material size better smaller than 8mm, raw material moisture better 10-15%.

How to choose a professional pellet machine manufacturer from China?

ome customer want to buy p […]

The Worldwide Wood Pellet Industry is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 14.47% Between 2019 and 2025

Global wood pellet market […]

Biomass pellet industry

Biomass energy originates from plants and plant-derived materials. It is an organic matter and is used to generate energy in many forms. Biomass can refer to any plant materials such as wood and leaves. Even the animal dung that is used to light fire and utilized in cooking comes under the category of biomass.