How does a wood pellet mill work

This machine can be applied to process all kinds of biomass materials, such as the wood, straw, rice husk, bamboo, empty fruit bunch, cotton stalk, peanut shell, waste paper, pulverized coal and so on.

Is the pellet quality related to the pellet machine?

In the actual work, I met a lot of customers, they will ask me, can the pellet made by your pellet machine meet the European standards, the Japanese standard? This is a misunderstanding of many people. The quality of the pellet is 80% depending on the raw material itself, and 20% depends on the pellet machine.

YULONG Gun drilling machine to produce core component of ring die

Yulong sell lots of machines at home and abroad every year, so the supply of the spare parts is an important thing. We must ensure that all of our customers have enough spare parts to use.
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Firewood OR Wood Pellets, Which One to Choose

Every family is facing the problem of home heating. With rising price of natural gas, fuel oil and electricity. More and more people show their interests in renewable firewood and wood pellets fuel resources. How do you know when to switch from one heating source to another? Here we give you some advice.

How to choose a professional pellet machine manufacturer from China?

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Factors to influence the pellet machine capacity

Raw material size and moisture. Raw material size better smaller than 8mm, raw material moisture better 10-15%.
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One set YULONG XGJ560 pellet machine deliver to Rajasthan

One set YULONG XGJ560 pellet machine deliver to Rajasthan, India on May 24. Their raw material is wood sawdust.

Your best choice for pellet machine -YULONG pellet machine

Recently, one Chile friend place an order of YULONG 8th generation XGJ560 pellet machine, why they choice YULONG pellet machine?