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1.pellet cooler is mainly to cool 2-8mm diameter pellets, when outlet from pellet machines,the temperature is about 60-80 centigrade, after cooler, the temperature is not higher than room temperature +3-5.
2. pellet cooler adopts counter flow theory, cold air goes to cooler from bottom to top, hot pellets goes to cooler from top to bottom, as time goes on, pellets will pile up at the cooler bottom,cold air will cool pellets at the bottom gradually, in this way will reduce pellet broken situation , if cold air also go to cooler from top, which same as pellets flowing direction, then hot pellets will meet with cold air suddenly , pellets will be easily broken, especially pellets surface. In this way can cool fully and equally, pellet broken rate is smaller than 0.2%.
3.pellet cooler generally works with cyclone and air fan, air lock. which is used to absorb cold air and clean dust, also it can install a screener at the cooler bottom, which can separate powder dust and good pellets.

Simple Cooler

Simple Cooler Manufacturer and Supplier
The machine is mainly used for cooling finished pellet of high temperature.

Pellet Counter Flow Cooler Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Hot pellets coming out from the pellet mill are required to be cooled near ambient temperature to eliminate excess moisture and heat to increase shelf life. That’s where counterflow coolers come into play, replacing old crossflow or horizontal coolers with compact and efficient operation.

Yulong Pellet Machine manufacture and supplies counter flow coolers of various models for effective cooling of hot and moist products with superb flowing capabilities. Typical applications include the cooling of feed pellets and wood pellets. It can reduce the temperatures of pellets, mainly used in large or medium size feed pelletizing plants and wood pellet production lines.

Pellet coolers can help cool pellet materials and reduce the temperature as well as moisture content. Therefore, animal feed is convenient to pack, transport, and store. Energy efficiency, easy operation, great cooling outcome, and low investment cost have made counterflow pellets cooler a reliable choice for users of feed and wood pellets plants.


  • Uses counter cooling principle to cool the pellet material with high temperature and humidity. It can avoid the shock cooling phenomenon when cold air contracts with hot material.
  • The cooling tank adopts an octagon design ensuring cooling has no dead ends 
  • Adopt an air-closed material feeder, a large inlet air area, and a great cooling effect
  • Material discharge device has slide valve reciprocating type, stable running, and little residual
  • Cooled feed pellets temperature won’t be higher than the ambient temperature
  • High cooling speed and favorable cooling effect
  • Lower power consumption, easy operation, and cleaning, and high production efficiency

How to operate:

  1. Before feeding materials, use a cooling machine without loading to see whether the components inside the machine are normal.
  2. Inspect and ensure all bolts are tightened, leveling device and limit switch are installed in appropriate positions.
  3. Make sure there are no sundries inside the machine.
  4. After stopping the machine, operators should clear out materials to protect pellets from bonding.
  5. Grease the machine regularly to increase longevity.

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