raw material! raw material! raw material! The important thing to say three times, the processing technology of biomass fuel pellets is determined by your "raw material". First of all, no matter what your raw material is, the material must be powder and the fineness is roughly the same as the particle diameter before entering the pellet machine; secondly, the moisture of the raw material must be 10%-15%. According to the above two conditions, combined with the output requirements, to support your production and processing technology.

Overview of Biomass Fuel Pellet Production Process

Production process: crushing and crushing section ─ drying section ─ pelleting section ─ cooling section ─ packaging section

Production equipment: The main equipment includes: crusher, pulverizer, trommel screen, mixer, dryer, granulator, dust collector, cooler, vibrating screen, packaging machine, etc.

Auxiliary equipment: conveyor, iron remover, raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse.

More than 20 years of experience in production, design and installation, and feedback from tens of thousands of domestic and foreign customers is the basis and guarantee of our process design. Scientific and reasonable process planning is the decisive factor for the production of high-quality products, which can not only improve production efficiency but also reduce production costs. Yulong has been closely following the trend of modern industrial design and the general development trend, and constantly innovating and developing new processes and new equipment. We will customize scientific and reasonable production processes for you according to your materials, output, plant site and other factors.

Biomass pellet production process: sawdust, rice husk, peanut husk, fungus residue, etc.

This process can be equipped with one or more centrifugal high-efficiency granulators according to the size of the output, and the dryer can be configured according to the moisture of the material

Biomass pellet production process: demolition wood, waste furniture, waste wood pallets, etc.

This process requires a crusher, and a dryer is required for materials with high moisture content. It is recommended to configure multiple pellet machine for the pelleting process

Biomass pellet production process: demolition wood, waste wood pallets, etc.

The process adopts our company's patented product powder crushing integrated machine, and the crushed materials can be directly granulated

Biomass pellet production process: corn stalk, straw, pasture and other straws

Use a rotary cutter or pulverizer to pulverize the material, and granulate, cool and pack the pulverized material.