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Rice husk pellets processing technology and equipment

Rce husk is a good renewable biomass raw material, processed into fuel pellets through pelleting machine, converted into rice husk gas through gasification, direct combustion to generate steam or heat, used for power generation, heating and so on.

Processing biomass pellets from waste wood

Use waste wood to make wood pellets, charcoal, wood vinegar and wood gas,e can process these waste wood materials and reuse them again, which can effectively reduce the waste of wood resources, and it is very helpful to environmental protection.

Bamboo chip pellet machine installation test machine

Brief introduction of bamb […]

Simple production process of biomass pellets

Material moisture is 10%-15%; trommel screen + pellet machine + conveyor; hourly output 1.5-3.5 tons

How to build a small and medium biomass pellet plant

Process, labor and equipment of small and medium biomass pellet processing plants

Production process of branches and wood chips as pellets

Waste wood with a moisture content of about 10%-15%, furniture factory scraps as biomass pellets

Production process of straw, forage grass and cotton stalk as pellets

Production technology and equipment for pellets made of straw, straw, and pasture

The production process of demolition materials, board skins, waste building templates, and wooden pallets as pellets

The moisture content of the material is 10%-15%; crushing, pelleting, cooling, packaging; more than 3 tons per hour

Process for making biomass pellets from wet materials

Material moisture is more than 15%; dryer + pellet machine + cooling + packaging + finished product warehouse; output more than 3 tons per hour