Chaffcutter Manufacturer and Supplier
This chaff cutter machine for animal for sale is suitable for cutting green and dry corn stalk, rice and wheat stalk.
It can be used in paper-making and bio-mass electricity generating.
The final processed mass can be used to feed cattle, goats, deer, and horses.

Chaffcutter Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Chaff cutter machine aids in making corn stalks, rice stalks, wheat stalks, peanut stalks, and other crops/pastures into soft filamentary feed to improve utilization of forage. It is suitable for food processing plants, livestock breeding plants, paper mills, and other fields. 

This crushed feed processing machine can be applied to farmers, large, medium, and small farms, and pastures to raise cattle, horses, chickens, deer, and other animals. The straw crusher can crush corn stalks, sweet potato stalks, sorghum stalks, and other raw materials into powder form. Chaff cutter and its components seem a viable choice for farmers as well as domestic use.

Advantages of Chaff Cutter Machine:

  • The straw crusher cutter has two feed inlet hoppers. The materials enter the crushing cavity through a crushing port and process raw materials like peanut shells, corn cobs, bean straws, etc.
  • The upper shell with a serrated bottom plate makes straw kneading and crushing to better effect.
  • Comprised of the sawtooth knife, triangular serrated blade, fly-cutter, fan blade, sawtooth hammer, and fixed knife.
  • Customize different models and capacities on requests
  • Come with wheels, making it move easily
  • Suitable for all kinds of forage, crop stalks, plant stalks, fresh wet grass, and hay for crushing work.

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