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Crushing Machine Manufacturer and Supplier
The high-efficiency crusher is the preferred crushing equipment for biomass energy processing plants at present. The equipment is solid and durable, has a wide range of raw materials, good performance and convenient operation and maintenance. The machine is mainly used for crushing and crushing wood raw materials such as wooden pallets, wooden templates, construction wood and waste furniture. The equipment adopts a special structure, so that it can break wood with a large number of iron nails, which greatly widens the application scope of the equipment.

Crushing Machine Manufacturer and Supplier in China

As compared to fossil fuels, pellet fuels consist of high calorific value and better energy efficiency. Additionally, they are relatively clean as they produce less secondary pollution and carbon emissions.

With that in mind, Yulong Pellet Machine, being a reliable wood pellet crushing machine supplier took an initiative to develop more energy-efficient crushing equipment to recycle plenty of waste raw materials like wood, straw, sawdust, and wood chips.

We have advanced crushing machines, strict quality standards, and high-performing processing equipment to meet the needs of diverse industries. Our dedicated R&D staff resolves problems regarding the machine, production, and after-sales service. Our wood crushers can be used in paper making, biomass briquettes production, high-density board, bio-pellets production, boiler burning, etc.


  • Compact structure and simple design – make crushing equipment easy to clean and maintain
  • High yield and stable working performance for continuous operation
  • Equipped with knives and rotors to let raw materials have a better crushing effect
  • Crushed wood materials are about 3-5mm and can be used for bio-pelletizing
  • Suitable for raw materials like wood branches, corn, wheat straw, etc.
  • Driven by one motor, low noise, and superior performance 
  • Grinds material by cutters and rotors
  • Energy-efficient and low cost crushing

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