wood chipper

Wood chipper

Wood chipper is used to make wood chips, wood pieces which specially designed for round logs, square blocks ,wood staff and so on. The efficiency is much higher than the ordinary one.
wood pallet crusher

Wood pallet crusher

TPS Series wood pallet crusher is mainly used for crushing wood pallet or other building material, furniture material with nails into wood chips.
Wood hammer mill

Wood hammer mill

Our GXP series high-efficiency hammer mill can be widely used in biomass energy and feed processing industries.
Rotary Cutter

Rotary Cutter

XQJ rotary cutter is widely used in agricultural farms,as corn stalk, alfalfa, wheat straw, rice straw ect.
Wood crushing has been a key operational part of several industries for varied applications. Wood crusher is designed to crush wood for wood pellet plant. This machine is also designed to crush other types of agro stalks. This machine is used across industries to produce varied types of wood products for the wood pellet production line.

Wood Crusher – Yulong Machine – Advanced Line of Crushing Machines
We at Yulong Machine bring to you a comprehensive line of advanced and feature-rich, compact size Wood Crushers in multiple types.
This crushing machine comes in a simple design with a compact structure, adopting blade cutting principle, and is driven by a single motor with low-noise production capability. This type of machine is designed to cut tree branches, slab scraps, roots and other wood products.

Applications of Wood Crusher
Wood crushers are used for different industrial applications including particle board plants, paper plants, wood processing and wood-working industry, biomass industry, sugar & distilleries, fiber board plants, food waste recycling plant, and more.
Our offerings are also suitable to be used for preparing composts, commercial and residential property cleaning, and other customized purposes as well.

Types of Wood Crusher Machines at Yulong Machine
  • Wood Chipper – High-efficiency machines, suitable to be used with wood staff, square blocks and round logs to prepare wood pieces and wood chips.
  • Wood Pallet Crusher – Ideal to crush building furniture, wood pallets and other furniture material precisely and easily into wood chips.
  • Wood Hammer Mill – These are specifically suitable to be used in feed processing and biomass energy industries.
  • Rotary Cutter – These are suitable to crush different types of agro stalks that include wheat straw, corn stalks, rice straw and so on.
Advantages You Gain with Our Wood Crusher Offerings
  • Compact and simple design – takes less space to keep, and are easy to clean and maintain
  • Stable working performance that ensures you leverage high efficiency for a long duration
  • Energy saving performance
  • Desired output of the materials for the specific application use
  • Low-cost machines equipped with rich-features

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