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Briquette press machine
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Making Alfalfa Pellets with Alfalfa Pellet Mill Machine

Named as ''the king of grazing grasses’’, alfalfa is always considered as the first choice of animal feeding among all grasses. Alfalfa has advantages of high yield, protein and good forage quality. Fresh alfalfa has mass water, which make cattle digest and excrete quickly. With the practical needs, people always use the alfalfa hay or alfalfa pellets as their cattle, goats, horse or other kinds of animal's feed. Which one is better for animal feeding?
Even the alfalfa hay and alfalfa pellets have same nutritional value, but there are differences between them on the function. As the high quality coarse fodder, alfalfa hay has been accepted in so many ranches. During the process of feeding, alfalfa hay usually accumulate, some residual alfalfa is very common in the basin, which result in so much waste. In addition to, animals don't like to eat the alfalfa hay when so much alfalfa meal into their nose. Conversely, the alfalfa pellets can best avoid these problems.
What the advantages and disadvantages of alfa pellets? How to make alfalfa pellets? How to choose proper alfalfa pellet machine? As a professional pellet mill manufacturer, YULONG lists all details for your convenience, find your answers below!

Advantage and Disadvantage of alfalfa pellets


Easy to store and transport. Alfalfa pellets have small size and light weigh, and low water absorbency. Avoid the cattle dietary choosiness, and reduce food waste. Have good palatability and increase feed intake.


As we all know, alfalfa has high nutrition, if cattle take too much, after the sun exposure, they will have a higher levels of skin inflammation. Caused flatulence, especially for the cud chewer like cow or sheep

How to make alfalfa pellet?

Alfalfa pellet mill can help you make dehydrated alfalfa hay into pellets easily.

Firstly, Get your alfalfa pellet mill or pellet plant ready. If just for own use at home, a small pellet mill is enough. For a pellet plant, you can take a large scale machine and related equipment.

Secondly,Prepare a dryer. As we all know, the wetter or dryer material will affect the final quality of biomass pellets, so you need a dryer to get the suitable moisture, which is always about 15%.

Thirdly, Grinding alfalfa to get appropriate size for the alfalfa pellet machine.

Finally, Put the alfalfa to the feeder of the alfalfapellet mill.

How to choose the alfalfa pellet machine?

To some beginners: you may feel confused in how to choose a proper alfalfa pellet machine, here are some tips maybe helpful.

1. Choose a reliable pellet machine manufacturer or supplier.

You can evaluate manufacturer from following aspects. Check out the certifications for products; Make sure it is a real manufacturer not the middleman. Consult if perfect after-sales service is available or not; check the wearing parts’ service life and delivery time

2. Choose suitable pellet machine die according to your own situation.

Different livestock needs different pellet size, for example, chicken and fish need the fine feed while the sheep need more coarse grain. You should choose proper pellet machine with different dies.

3. Productivity.

In general, we recommend that choose the output of pellet machine is higher than you need. It is unavoidable that the dies appeared wearing problems, which may cause a lower output. So that choose the pellet mill with a higher output will be better.

4. Auxiliary equipment.

The moisture, size, etc. of the raw materials are all key factors affecting the final quality of the pellets, so you may also need related auxiliary equipment, such as: dryers, hammer mills, coolers and packaging machines

Products Recommended

Biomass pellet machine

Centrifugal High Efficiency Ring Die pellet machine

Patented products Stable and efficient Price advantage
Alfalfa Pellet Making - Yulong

3 Roller Flat Die Pelletizer

Stable yield Farm Feed mill suitable

Reference Pellet Production Line Process


Biomass pellet production line case

Notes in Pellet Processing :

1. Before the worker gets on the machine, the operator must read the instruction manual carefully to understand the various technological processes of the equipment.

2. In the production process, strictly follow the procedures and operation sequence, and carry out the installation operation as required.

3. The main equipment needs to be installed and fixed on a flat concrete floor and fixed with screws.

4. Smoking and open flames are strictly prohibited at the production site.

5.After each boot, it needs to be idle first. After the equipment runs normally without abnormality, the material can be fed evenly.

6. It is strictly forbidden to add hard impurities such as stones and metals into the feeding device. In order to avoid damage to the granulation chamber, iron should be removed before granulation.

7. It will be dangerous, if the material is moved by hand or other tools during the operation of the equipment.

8. If abnormal noise occurs during the production process, the power supply should be cut off immediately. After checking and handling the abnormal situation, the production can continue.

9. The feeding must be stopped first, and then the machine should be shut down. After the raw materials of the feeding system are processed, the power supply should be cut off.

Correctly operating the pellet mill as required and paying attention to relevant matters as required can not only improve the output and operating performance of the equipment, but also prolong the service life of the equipment.

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