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ModelPower(kw)Hammer QuantityΦ(mm) Corn Capacity(t/h)Φ(mm) Fiber Capacity(t/h)
SG407.5120.3-0.8Φ5 0.1-0.3
SG5011/1516Φ2 -Φ6 0.5-1.0Φ6 0.2-0.4
SG65×27 A2224Φ2 -Φ6 0.5-2Φ6 0.5-0.8
SG65×27 B2224Φ2 -Φ6 1-3Φ6 0.6-1.0
SG65×555548Wood chip length ≤5 cm ≤2 cm thickΦ10 1.5-2
SG65×757572Wood chip length ≤5 cm ≤2 cm thickΦ10 2-3
SG65×1009096Wood chip length ≤5 cm ≤2 cm thickΦ3-6 3-4
straw hammer mill

ModelPower(kw)Hammer Quantity Φ(mm) Capacity(t/h)
SG65×555572Φ3-6 0.4-0.6
SG65×7575108Φ3-6 0.5-0.8
SG65×10090144Φ3-6 0.6-1
pvc hammer mill

Strawpvc Hammer Mill Manufacturer and Supplier
1.wood hammer mill is the most ideal grinding equipment for all kinds of wood chips,wood shavings,grass,straw,stalk, rice husk,palm fiber and so on.when crush plastic, PVC, rubber e.c.t ,it adpopts water cooling structure , avoiding the damage to spare parts due to long time working friction .except biomass , it also can crush animal feed materials such as soybean, maize, cereal and fertlizer materials from animal manure , chemical e.c.t which is mainly used in wood factory,feed factory, organic fertilizer factory, and so on.
2.we will install fit hole screener sieve at the wood hammer mill bottom according to materials humidity .if raw materials were high humidity , then we will install 10-30mm hole screener even no screener at the bottom, if dry, then will install 2-4mm hole screener, which means will outlet smaller than 2mm fine powder.
3. The wood hammer mil key spare parts such as hammers and screener are made by our CNC systems, through high technical heat treatment, standing out from other suppliers is that we could ensure the parts high precision and good quality.
4.wood hammer mill works connect with air fan and cyclone,air lock ,dust filter ,after crushed ,the powder will outlet from cyclone bottom, which is very environmental protection and easy to collect dust.

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