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YULONG Gun drilling machine to produce core component of ring die

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Yulong sell lots of machines at home and abroad every year, so the supply of the spare parts is an important thing. We must ensure that all of our customers have enough spare parts to use. You know, for the pellet machine, the main spare parts are the ring die and the rollers. In the past, we use more than 100 sets smaller drilling machines to process the dies. But In recent years, in order to ensure the machining accuracy and the production efficiency of the dies, we spent lots of money purchasing these two advanced ultra-high-speed gun drilling machine.

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Compared with the traditional smaller drilling machines, this advanced gun drilling machine has many advantages.

  1. The machining accuracy is very high, after machining, the holes in each row of the ring die are arranged evenly. And the position accuracy of the holes are also fully guaranteed.
  2. For this machine, it has two ultra-high-speed gun drills. So, it can drill the holes very rapid and of course the processing efficiency is very high.
  3. The drills are all-alloy customized, by using the ultra-high-speed gun drills to drill the holes, the holes can have a high degree of smoothness, so the ring dies can be used after simple grinding.
  4. The material of the ring dies: All the ring dies are made of super wear-resistant stainless steel, and quenched in a vacuum furnace, the hardness inside and outside is the same. So, the ring dies have long life and stable operation.