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YULONG engineer team visiting Malaysia-2

Welcome Bulgaria customer inspect ordered machines
Poland Renewable Energy Exhibition

During 2th to 14th, October, 2013. Chairman and engineer Chengjun Guo are invited to Malaysia to visit by our customers there. The schedule is 2-6th in Kuala Lumpur, 7-12th in Johore. Customer in these two city may contact for consult.

How to select the most suitable pellet machine for customer?That’s a question. Generally, we choose machine based on customers’ raw materials and requirement. But sometimes, we had to express advice when the condition of raw materials is not suitable for crushing for pelleting. For example, the dryer of raw materials the easier for crushing, but customers raw materials humidity has reached 50% or even more than this, what should we do? Advising dry the materials in the sun, but in fact there is six months rainy days.how to deal with? Otherwise, customer don’t want to buy dryer. Facing Contradictory problem. All the advice are based on our professional experience with more than 15 years in this field, on condition of your raw materials, we are able to meet your crushing need. But how do you plan to press pellets? If you want to crushing and pelleting work successfully at the same time, the raw materials moisture content should be controlled between 15%-20% which is the best for pressing.