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Shandong Yulong Machine Co.,Ltd with Shin Nippon Koki Co.,Ltd Reached a Strategic Cooperation

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Shandong Yulong Machine Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as: YULONG) and Shin Nippon Koki Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as: SNK) reached a strategic cooperation and signed a contract on November 9, 2021. The second equipment signing ceremony was held in Shandong at the headquarters of Shandong Yulong Machine Co. Ltd,.


Shandong Yulong Machine Co.,Ltd Chairman Guo Chengjun, General Manager Guo Zhen, Deputy General Manager Dong Guifu, SNK CEO Zhang Chunhua, Chief Executive of China Distric Xu Feng and other representatives attended the event.     


Guo Zhen, General Manager of Shandong Yulong Machine Co.,Ltd, said at the strategic signing ceremony: "YULONG, as a global leader in the biomass pellet equipment manufacturing industry, cooperate with SNK, a large Japanese machinery manufacturer with a history of more than 120 years, will surely promote the high-quality development of China's biomass pellet industry and help achieve the goal of ‘Carbon Neutrality'."


Zhang Chunhua, CEO of SNK, said: “Under the common goal, SNK, as a pioneer manufacturer of large-scale machinery and gantry processing machinery, relies on the ultimate ingenuity of machine tools and the industry-leading advantages of YULONG. A friendly attitude achieves win-win and promotes the rapid development of the industry.”


 Shandong Yulong Machine Co.,Ltd. has significant advantages in the research and development, manufacture and service of biomass energy equipment, such as biomass pellet mill, biomass wood crusher,. Helping the development of China's green biomass energy market is one of YULONG's core strategies.Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the path of professional development, and has won the affirmation of the market with its strong technical research and development strength, first-class product quality and high-quality service concept. Products are sold to more than 180 countries and regions around the world, with offices in Malaysia, Poland, India, Hungary, Australia, Egypt and other countrie. It is well received and trusted by domestic and foreign customers.


In recent years, with the rapid development of low-carbon economy and the policy requirements of international energy conservation and emission reduction, the development and utilization of biomass energy at home and abroad has been increasing. Increasing policy support for biomass energy development is the main issue in worldwide. Biomass energy has a strong momentum of development. YULONG and SNK establish a comprehensive strategic partnership, will surely provide higher-quality biomass pellet equipment solutions for domestic and foreign customers.


After the strategic signing ceremony, YULONG Chairman Guo Chengjun, General Manager Guo Zhen and representatives of SNK took a group photo in front of the office building of YULONG. As the host, General Manager of YULONG Guo Zhen said: "Choosing to cooperate with SNK is a recognition of SNK's advanced development concepts, scientific and professional management methods, and 120-year corporate culture. YULONG has established a strategic partnership with SNK, which will greatly improve the production efficiency and equipment quality. In the future, we will further expand and deepen the scope of cooperation with SNK to empower and improve the efficiency of the biomass pellet industry.”