One set YULONG XGJ560 pellet machine deliver to Rajasthan

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ring die pellet machine

ring die pellet machine

One set YULONG XGJ560 pellet machine deliver to Rajasthan, India on May 24. Their raw material is wood sawdust.

XGJ560 pellet machine main power is 132kw, capacity is 1.5-2ton/h. The pellet machine with 2.2kw air fan with bags dust collector to collect dust, with 0.05kw grease pump to lubricate pellet machine two rollers and kick-out device, with 0.55kw lubrication oil pump to lubricate main shaft and gear box, with 0.15kw cooling fan to cool the lubrication oil.

The XGJ560 pellet machine can press wood sawdust, rice husk, palm fiber, alfalfa, stalk, straw, peanut shell and other biomass material into pellets.

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