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Is the pellet quality related to the pellet machine?

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In the actual work, I met a lot of customers, they will ask me, can the pellet made by your pellet machine meet the European standards, the Japanese standard? This is a misunderstanding of many people. The quality of the pellet is 80% depending on the raw material itself, and 20% depends on the pellet machine.

The process of pelletizing pellet is a physical process, and the only thing that affects the pellet is the density and yield. The ash in the European standard for granules is a very important indicator. If your wood is not peeling, it is difficult to pass the test. If your material is a mixture of discarded wood, it is equally difficult to pass the test.

So if you want to produce high quality pellets, you must first ensure good materials. Regarding the FCS certificate or the ENPLUS certification, if you want to make pellet, this is what you need to know.