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How to choose a professional pellet machine manufacturer from China?

Factors to influence the pellet machine capacity
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Firewood OR Wood Pellets, Which One to Choose

ome customer want to buy pellet machine from China? But they don’t know how to choose a professional pellet manufacturer? I have some suggestions for such customers.

1: Confirm your raw material . wood or corn? That is differnece material , Also corresponds to a different machine.

2: Now pellet machine have 2 types , one is Ring die pellet machine , Another is flat die pellet machine , The flat die machine has a small pressure, which is generally used to make feed pellets. The ring die pellet machine has a large pressure and is used to suppress rice husks and wood pellets.

3: Check out their official website and Alibaba, look at the history of the company and customer case to see if they have done large pellet production lines. This can prove the strength of their company.

4:Companies with a certain history usually have overseas branches and agents, asking them about these situations.

5:China’s pellet machine manufacturers are divided into two major regions. Manufacturers in Henan Province specialize in animal feed flat die granule machines, Shandong manufacturers are good at wood sawdust ring die granule machines

6:On-site inspection, good pellet machine manufacturers will use high-precision mould processing equipment. Because the mould is the core of a pellet machine

I hope this information is useful to you.