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How does a wood pellet mill work

Is the pellet quality related to the pellet machine?
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How to Make Wood Pellets from Sawdust?

How does a wood pellet mill work? 2021 new Wood pellet machine, Stable operation, High output, Stainless steel mould,Favorable price.

How does a wood pellet mill work

The wood pellet mill is dedicated for big-scale production. And the final wood pellets that are produced by the wood pellet mill also have wide applications. It helps recycle the wasted resources and make them to the fullest. You can easily handle the wood pellet machine as long as you bear these following steps in mind.

Adjusting the raw materials:

The length or the the moisture content of the raw materials may not suitable for the pelleting process. Generally, the suitable length is no more than 6mm. If the length of the materials is over 8 mm, you should make them crushed first. If the moisture content of the materials is relative higher, you should make it controlled 10-15%.

Mixing the raw materials: Before the pelleting process, you should make the raw materials uniformly and completely mixed. By doing this, the pelleting efficiency of the wood pellet mill will be greatly promoted. And the quality of the final pellets can be ensured at the same time.

The wood pellet mill can make condensed pellets due to its reasonable and compact structure. It needs a lot of pressures to make the sawdust and straw into particles with high density and uniform shapes.

The core component-roller: the roller adopts super wear-resistant alloy welding process, instead of the past surface carburizing treatment. Long life span, while realizing the protection of the ring die.

How does a wood pellet mill work

Sieving the Wood Pellets:

You should screen the pellets after the pelleting process. In this process, fines and other unqualified products will be removed. Only in this way, can the quality and purity of the final products will be ensured. The screening process can be combined with the cooling process. The particle cooler of our company has the function of sieving.

The ton bag packing machine also can packing pellets and powders materials; it adopts hanging weighing, and packaging and weighing range is 500-1000 kg per bag; it can pack about 20 bags per hour.