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Rotor Drum Granulator

Rotor Drum Granulator Manufacturer and Supplier
Working Principle:
Rotary drum granulator is one of the most important equipment in compost fertilizer industry. fit for cold, hot granulation and large scale production of high, middle, low concentration compost fertilizer . It adopts special rubber sheet lining or acidproof stainless lining, which can automatically remove scar and take off tumour, instead of traditional Scraper device . It has high granulation rate, good quality, strong corrosion resistance, low consumption, long lifetime and convenient operation etc charactors.
1.Larger than 70% granulation rate, only exist very small quantity granules---can secondly granulation.
2.Increase materials temperature by heating steam,make low humidity granules and increase drying efficiency.
3.Rubber sheet lining doesn’t make materials stickup inside of drum ,take antiseptic and warm function.
4.Large capacity,low consumption, low maintain cost.

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