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Choose large or small biomass pellet machine?

Bamboo chip pellet machine installation test machine

In recent years, biomass pellet investment projects have gradually gained popularity, and wood pellet machines are important equipment for the production of bio pellet fuels. Some customers are confused when they buy wood pellet machines because they are new to this industry: the wood pellet machine equipment market is mixed, and there are large and small manufacturers. Should you choose large-scale pelletizing equipment or small-scale equipment?

How to choose pellet machine equipment

Many customers have such considerations: first buy small output, cheap investment, and use it, start small investment first, and increase investment after earning money. In fact, it is normal to have such an idea, but the following points need to be paid attention to when selecting equipment:

  1. Preliminary preparation

Make good investment budgets, inspect raw materials, factories, electricity, and sales markets.

  1. Determine the equipment according to the material

Different materials have different production processes and different equipment required. Energy consumption and output, maintenance costs, whether it can be easily repaired, whether wearing parts are wear-resistant, and whether the operation is convenient need to be considered. Find a few more manufacturers to explain the situation, and we will make a plan for you for free.

  1. Choose reliable manufacturers

On-site inspection, when necessary, you can bring the materials to test the machine. Regular manufacturers generally have after-sales training to learn how to use the equipment. Facts have proved that a good operator not only has high granulation efficiency, but also knows how to maintain equipment and can extend the service life of the machine.

  1. Choose large granulating equipment

Under the same production tasks, the large pellet machine saves labor and is convenient for management. For example, the scale of 8 equipment can save 1 million labor per year. And the large pellet machine saves floor space, about half of the space. In addition, it saves the number of repairs and parts, the time for parts purchase and replacement, and the labor required for replacement.

Large-scale pellet mills are more advanced in design, better in stability, motor power and torque, and have a wide range of appropriateness. The production is easier to discharge, and it is easier to achieve scale effects and reduce production costs. The overall stability of the machine is good, and the investment cost is naturally high.