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How The Straw Pellets Are Made?

Straw is a common kind of agricultural wastes including rice straw, wheat straw, corn straw etc. Plenty of straw wastes will be generated at harvesting time. United States for example, produces 10% of the world’s wheat, rice, 32% percent of corn crops. So we can see that the resource of straw material is abundant especially during harvest.
In the past years, straw materials are generally used for animal feeding or paper making industry. Recently, a new beneficial way of straw process is getting more and more popular – straw pelletizing. With a wood pellet mill, everyone can easily make straw fuel pellets at home. Compared with wood pellets, straw pellets are much cheaper.

Straw Vs Straw Pellets

Some people may wonder that whether straw is suitable for making fuel pellets and how straw pellets perform when burning? The answer can be found in the following chart.
MaterialsMoisture contentAsh contentCalorific value
Rice straw15-30%15-20%13.98 MJ/kg
Wheat straw20-40%8-9%14.4 MJ/kg
Corn straw20-27%8%15.68 MJ/kg
Straw pellets8-10%3%18-19 MJ/kg

Straw Pellet Mill

New Ring die pellet mill

Straw pellet mill


Flat die pellet mill

Home samll pellet mill

ModelPower(kw)Power(hp)Feed Capacity(kg/h)Fiber Capacity(kg/h)
ModelPower(kw)Fiber Capacity(t/h)Fertilizer Capacity(t/h)

Straw Pellet Production line