Rice Husk Pellet Mill

In recent years,the requirement of rice husk pellet machine is rising,and most of purchasers are farmers.The main reason is that rice husk or rice hulls are their important agricultural wastes that do not have enough place to store.Before pellet machines are manufactured,handling the rice husk or rice hulls are once to be a terrible problem,Except rice husk,many other agricultural biomass wastes can be processed pellets for different purposes.
our rice husk pellet making machine is a new developed machine in making pellets,It is specially designed for pelletizing rice husk,rice hull,and hard wood etc.This is a high technology in China even in the world today.It can make rice husk or hull become fine and high quality pellets without being put any additive.
Low moisture content,high bulk density,high calorific value,renewable and green features make rice husk have the best popularity for making pellets at domestic and foreign markets.
Since rice husk possesses a higher bulk density,they are easy to store,cost little for transport and it also burns more efficiently when used as fuel.What's more,the rice husk pellets have no visible smoke at all during the burning.

Pellet mill for rice husk

Vertical die,feeding vertically;No arching of raw materials,easy for heating dissipation.
Ring Die fixed,rollers rotating,materials centrifugal,evenly distributed around.
Double-layer dies,up and down dual-use,high efficiency,saving energy.
Independent changeable frequency device,ensure formation rate of pellets.

Rice Husk Pellet Line