SKJ3 Briquette Press Machine

SKJ3-350 B300.2-0.4
SKJ3-450 B450.3-0.5
SKJ3-550 B750.5-0.8
SKJ3 Briquette Press Machine Manufacturer and Supplier
Briquette press machine is to press the sawdust,stalk,grass,straw and weeds into briquettes,bricks,and pellets,and increase several times of burning valuse in identical unite volume,so that the burning value is enlarged more than ten times.The finished products are mainly used as fuels for fireplace,boilier and power plant.The ash after burnng can be directly used in the field as fertilizer.
The pressed products have the features of high temperature sterilization curing,so they are also the ideal coarse feedstuff for horse,cattle,sheep,deer,ostrich and other ruminant animals.

YZB Briquette Press Machine

YZB Briquette Press Machine Manufacturer and Supplier
Biomass briquette press machine is a compact molding equipment to press all kinds of agriculture waste,wood waste,construction waste,used doors and windows etc,through crushing-compression-forming process into briquettes.
It adopts mechanical stamping process,ordinary briquette machine must feed low moisture materials and its mould easy to wear.But our briquette machine resolves those problems,The briquettes can replace common energy such as coal,gas and so on.Now it is widely used in government organs,institutions,enterprises and city heating supply industry,also can be used as fuel of biomass power plant;Also briquettes through high temperature compression,curing and sterilization,good to be used as coarse feedstuff of ruminant,

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