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Pellet Mill


Welcome France customer visit yulong

Welcome France customers visit us for flat die pellet mill. They are satisfied with our pellet mill. and hope to build long term cooperation.

How to Make Wood Pellets from Sawdust?

These wood pellets can easily be used for various purposes. A few are explained below for you to have a look at

Alfalfa Pellet Making

What are the advantages and disadvantages of alfalfa grass pellets? How to make alfalfa pellets? How to choose the right alfalfa pellet machine? Please find your answer in the article

Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Making

Bagasse can be processed into biomass pellets, which can be used as raw materials for bagasse pulping and exported to foreign countries as fuel, which can bring economic benefits to factories.

Straw for Pellets fuel production

Straw pellets are widely used in daily life. Typically, straw pellets are used as animal bedding, animal feed, and heating fuel for domestic and industrial use.

Activated carbon granulation

Columnar activated carbon particles can make up for the problems of powdered activated carbon particles due to the easy blockage of the filter surface and the difficulty of powder separation. Compared with irregular activated carbon particles, the mechanical strength is higher, and the dust pollution is less, and it is easy to meet the special requirements of different industries. .

Bamboo pellet making

Bamboo has the characteristics of wide distribution and fast growth. The biomass fuel particles processed from bamboo have a low calorific value of 4400-4500 kcal/kg and ash content of 0-1%. Fuel particles made from this material are suitable for use in fireplaces and stoves.

Waste Wood to Make Biomass Pellets

There are many types of wood wastes. We can process and reuse these waste woods that were considered useless in the past, which can effectively reduce the waste of wood resources and play a good role in environmental protection.

Activated carbon industry

Activated carbon is divided into four categories according to the main raw materials used in manufacturing: coal-based activated carbon, wood-based activated carbon, synthetic activated carbon and other types of activated carbon.