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6 tons per hour wood pellet production line video

Video of waste wood boards made into fuel pellets
Yulong Machine
Annual Output 150000 tons large scale wood pellet manufacturing line in Vietnam
The production line of wood pellets with an hourly output of 6 tons. The customer's raw materials are waste wood boards and various wood waste materials.The production line uses two XGJ850 wood pellet machines, and one XGJ850 has an output of 3.5 tons per hour.

Wood pellet production line video

Production process

Wood pellet fuel production consists of raw materials, screening, drying, pelleting, cooling, screening, finished products and other processes. At the same time, each part has a strict quality monitoring system to ensure the quality of products.

  • Raw material yard: The raw material is mainly sawdust, and the raw material storage area is about 500 square meters. In order to ensure the normal and continuous production of fuel, it is necessary to ensure the raw material demand for at least 15 days. Therefore, 500-600 tons of raw materials need to be stacked. The raw material warehouse has a roof to prevent rain, lightning and wind, and the fireproof distance from the production area and living area is more than 50 meters, more than 30 meters from the highway, and about 30 meters from the power transformer. to ensure safety.
  • Screening: The raw materials are transported to the screening machine through the Jiaolong conveyor for screening, and the larger wood blocks or iron nails and other debris are screened out.
  • Drying: The biomass briquette fuel has strict requirements on the moisture content of the raw materials. After the raw materials are screened, they are transported to the tumble dryer by the Jiaolong conveyor for drying by hot air.
  • Pelletizing: biomass pellet fuel molding machine is the key equipment of the production line. This system adopts XGJ850 pellet machine with power of 250KW and output of 3 tons/hour. Different raw materials such as peanut shells, the equipment runs stably. The density of processed wood pellet fuel can reach 1.0-1.3 tons/cubic meter. The system can be configured with 2 pelletizer.
  • Cooling: The temperature of the discharged particles is as high as 80-90 ℃, which is easy to be broken. It must pass through a counter-flow cooling system and be cooled to room temperature before being bagged into storage or sent to a silo through a belt conveyor and an elevator. This set of equipment is equipped with a cooler and a cyclone, which can return the separated powder to the previous process for re-granulation.
Biomass pellet machine


250KW 3-4T/H

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