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Biomass Pellet Fuel – Instructions for Use

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As a product, Biomass Pellet Fuel also has its own instructions for use. Today, YULONG will introduce the Instructions for Use of Biomass Pellet Fuel – “What is biomass pellet fuel?” “The characteristics of Biomass Pellet Fuel”, and “Where is biomass pellet fuel used?”

Product name

Common Name: Biomass Fuel
Detailed Name: Biomass pellet fuel
Alias: Straw coal, Green coal, etc.
English Abbreviation: BMF

Main Ingredients

The conventional use of biomass pellet fuel is agricultural residues and forestry wastes. The three agricultural residues that can be processed into biomass pellet fuel include straw, rice husk, peanut husk, etc. The raw materials that can be used for forestry waste include branches, leaves, sawdust, wood shavings, and leftovers from furniture factories.

Main Functions

  • Environmental Protection. It is mainly used to replace coal, a highly polluting fuel, for combustion in boilers to achieve environmentally friendly emissions.
  • Reduce Costs. It is mainly used to replace the high-cost clean energy such as gas, reduce the operating cost of gas boilers, realize environmental protection emissions and reduce costs.


  • Calorific Value: 3600-4500Kcal/kg, depending on the calorific value of different raw materials.
  • Ash Content: ranging from 1-15%, 12% for peanut husk particles, 15% for rice husk particles, 5% for miscellaneous wood particles, and 2% for pine wood particles.
  • Moisture: ≤10%
  • Density: 1100-1300kg/m3
  • Finished Product Size: diameter 8-10mm, length 20-50mm.]
  • Packaging Specifications: 25kg or 50kg bags, 800kg ton bags, bulk, etc.

Usage and Dosage

  • It can be burned in the transformed chain biomass boiler, 1 ton boiler burns 175 kg of peanut shell particles of 3500 kcal in one hour
  • Burn in a biomass burner, a 600,000-calorie burner burns 150kg of 4,000-calorie wood pellets in one hour
  • Combustion in the biomass steam generator, a 100kg steam generator needs to burn 15kg of 4200 kcal of pine granules in 1 hour

Matters Needing Attention

  • It is NOT ALLOWED to Encounter Water and Tide, and it is Recommended to Avoid Water Storage.
  • Select the Appropriate Biomass Pellet Fuel Type According to the Boiler Type.
  • DO NOT Leave it Unused for A Long Time.

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