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Industry Profile

Pellet feed is one of many feeds. There is a high temperature and high pressure environment in the production process of pellet feed, so the produced feed has high hardness, smoothness and uniformity, which not only looks good, but also kills the germs and microorganisms in the raw materials. And so on, at the same time ripening, the feed is fragrant, the animals like to eat. Well received by the majority of users.

There are various types of self-made equipment for feed pellets, ranging from thousands of household products to hundreds of thousands of large-scale production equipment. Whether it is family farming, small farms, or large feed processing plants, it can meet the needs.

YULONG with Feed Industry

The feed industry is among the many industries involved in Shandong Yulong Co., Ltd., the first one to enter. From a small factory in 1998 to a large manufacturer with an annual output value of several hundred million, with three factories and tens of millions of processing equipment, the feed industry is ours. The starting point is indispensable.

Therefore, we have rich experience in the design and manufacture of feed equipment, a high level of equipment manufacturing, and a wide range of feed equipment categories, ranging from a few thousand yuan of small pellet machines to millions of feed production lines.

Common Applications

Cattle Feed, Sheep Feed, Rabbit Feed, Pig Feed, Chicken Feed, Duck Feed, Fish Feed, the diameter of feed varies from 3mm to 12mm.

Production Process

Common Raw Materials: corn, soybean meal, wheat bran, straw, weeds, pasture, grass, rice husk, etc.

Different raw materials, different feeds, and different yields use different production processes. For the simplest household use, one flat die pellet is enough. Put the soybean meal and corn in it and do it directly. Chicken and duck are very useful.

If it is a feed production plant, a complete feed pellet production line has more technological processes.

Crushing - drying - ingredients - stirring - pelleting - cooling - packaging

Add steam system when necessary.

The situation is complicated and difficult to describe. We have a professional R&D and design department, which can customize the appropriate production process according to the different situations of customers.You can leave your contact information, we will provide solutions according to your actual needs.