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What are the Key Steps in Making GRASS into Grass Pellets?

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Rice Husk Pellet Processing Technology and Equipment
Simple production process of biomass pellets
Simple production process of biomass pellets

How to Make Grass Pellets?

Biomass pellets became the most popular fuel in the fuel market. Due to its high efficiency and low ash content, biomass pellets will be the main fuel in the future.

Biomass pellets are made from biomass materials such as wood, grass, rice husks, alfalfa, etc., which are processed into biomass pellets by a pellet mill.

As a kind of biomass pellets, grass pellets have a wide range of applications and unique advantages. Not only is the market demand huge, but also the price is much higher than other pellets. So how can we make grass pellets? Raw materials are easy to obtain, how to turn waste into treasure? Today I will show you how to make grass pellets.

Advantages of grass pellets

1. Many raw materials can be made into pellets, and grass pellets as fuel has always been a recognized method in Europe. Not only fuel, grass pellets are also a good choice as feed.

2. Grass pellets as biofuels are economical, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and sustainable. As a clean fuel, more and more people prefer to choose grass pellets because the raw material is cheap and readily available.

3. In addition, grass pellets can be used as feed for many animals such as horses and cattle. As feed, grass pellets can replace part of hay and are rich in nutrients.

Simple process

The production of grass pellets has great potential as a low-tech, small-scale renewable energy system that can be produced locally, processed locally, and traded locally, while having a positive impact on agro-pastoral areas. The raw materials are easy to obtain, and the pellet machine is easy to operate, which has become the choice of more people.

Process of making grass pellets

First of all, we need to choose a suitable grass pellet machine according to our own requirements. As a pellet equipment manufacturer, YULONG recommends two pellet mill for you to choose, XGJ560 and XGJ850, you can choose a suitable pellet mill according to the actual situation, you can also contact us for more detailed information about the pellet equipment!

Grass Pellet Machine

Biomass pellet machine

Grass Pellet Professional Pellet Machine


Reference Pellet Production Line Process


Biomass pellet production line case

Once have selected the right pellet machine, then can start making your own grass pellets. The key to making grass pellets is to adjust the moisture of the raw materials. The optimum moisture content of grass pellets is around 15%. You can dry them in the sun or use a dryer to adjust the moisture.

Notes in Pellet Processing:

  1. Before the worker gets on the machine, the operator must read the instruction manual carefully to understand the various technological processes of the equipment.
  2. In the production process, strictly follow the procedures and operation sequence, and carry out the installation operation as required.
  3. The main equipment needs to be installed and fixed on a flat concrete floor and fixed with screws.
  4. Smoking and open flames are strictly prohibited at the production site.
  5. After each boot, it needs to be idle first. After the equipment runs normally without abnormality, the material can be fed evenly.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to add hard impurities such as stones and metals into the feeding device. In order to avoid damage to the granulation chamber, iron should be removed before granulation.
  7. It will be dangerous, if the material is moved by hand or other tools during the operation of the equipment.
  8. If abnormal noise occurs during the production process, the power supply should be cut off immediately. After checking and handling the abnormal situation, the production can continue.
  9. The feeding must be stopped first, and then the machine should be shut down. After the raw materials of the feeding system are processed, the power supply should be cut off.
Correctly operating the pellet mill as required and paying attention to relevant matters as required can not only improve the output and operating performance of the equipment, but also prolong the service life of the equipment.

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