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Bamboo chip pellet machine installation test machine

On site video of 6T pellets production line
On site video of 6T pellets production line
Choose large or small biomass pellet machine?
Choose large or small biomass pellet machine?

Brief introduction of bamboo shavings:

Bamboo shavings (bamboo shavings are also mostly called bamboo powder) is a commonly used filling aid, a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly raw material. As raw materials for bamboo and plastic products, natural materials, mosquito coils, leather, clothing, papermaking, electrical appliances, daily necessities, coatings, cat litter, chemicals, insulation materials, outdoor decoration materials, building materials and other products. Every bamboo product undergoes styling, polishing and other processes, and a large amount of bamboo powder will be produced. In the past, when a whole piece of bamboo was cut as needed, the bamboo shoots and the place close to the root were no longer used. This means that only 70% of a piece of bamboo can be made into a product, and the remaining 30% becomes useless waste. The content of cellulose and hemicellulose in the dry matter content is higher than that of miscellaneous sawdust, and the content of lignin is also higher than that of miscellaneous sawdust. Wood resource regeneration is slow, takes a long time, and the price is relatively high. Bamboo powder is made of natural fresh bamboo. Bamboo has a fast production speed and a large supply. Substituting bamboo powder for wood powder can save costs and improve economic benefits if applicable.

Bamboo shavings use

  1. After being stacked and fermented, it can be used as a plant culture medium. No cost.
  2. Fuel, characteristics   The pellet fuel compressed by a biomass pellet machine has a large specific gravity, a small volume, a combustion resistance, and is convenient for storage and transportation. The volume after molding is 1/30-40 of the volume of the raw material, and the specific gravity is 10-15 times that of the raw material (density: 0.8-1.4). The calorific value can reach 3400~6000 kcal. It is a solid fuel with high volatile phenol. The biomass pellet machine produced by Futong New Energy specializes in compressing bamboo chips and other materials.
  3. Bamboo powder: refer to the use of wood powder as an industrial excipient to make mosquito incense and Buddha incense. Use a shredder
  4. Zhuli oil: medicinal.
  5. Press the powder board. Plate press.
Bamboo pellet machine video