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2016 beijing biomass energy exhibition

Welcome Australian customer Visit Us for biomass pellet burner
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March 29 in Beijing China International biomass biomass Exhibition opened , Yulong Machine as an important exhibitor, will bring many new equipment exhibition debut.

As to what kind of equipment to secrecy, we will always reported.
The show is the very first exhibition scale, where particles can see many machine manufacturers, so this biomass to investment customers must go and see.
Said the following about the exhibition information, facilitate pro to visit.
Address: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Hall Jing Zhuang), attention Oh, the pavilion is divided into two old museum, this exhibition is in the old museum.
Specific location: Beijing North Third Ring Road VI
Contact: 0086-0531-83483997
Yulong Machinery Exhibition Location: Hall 6, Booth 6127-6141