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Installation and commissioning of 10t / h biomass pellet plant

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Biomass Energy Industry
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The pellet factory is located in Jingzhou City, Hunan Province, China. The design capacity is to produce 10 tons of wood pellets per hour. The raw materials are waste wooden pallets and building wood with iron nails.

Pelleting Process

  1. Crusher

    Adopt the crushing and crushing machine to crush the raw materials to meet the pelletizer requirements, and 95% of the metal can be effectively removed in the crushing process.

  2. Screen

    Further screen and remove metal and other impurities during material transportation.

  3. Transportation

    The sawdust meeting the requirements will enter the raw material rectangular bin. The rectangular bin uses hydraulic device to effectively prevent material bridging. The bottom is equipped with screw conveyor and frequency conversion feeding to ensure the stable feeding of the granulator.

  4. Pelleting

    The pelleting section is equipped with two xgj850 and three xgj560 pellet mill, with a minimum particle output of 10 tons per hour.

Let’s take a look at the installation effect through pictures and videos.

This is the raw material of our customers, mostly wooden pallets with metal and construction wood

Waste wood 1
Waste wood 2

Wood Pallet Crusher The high-efficiency crusher is the preferred crushing equipment for biomass energy processing plants at present.

XGJ wood pellet mill XGJ560 132KW 1.5-2T/H , XGJ850 250KW 3-4T/H

5 sets wood pellet mill install

Biomass pellet plant Pelleting Video

Process from crushing to pelleting of waste wood