Drum Wood Chipper

Wood chipper is used to make wood chips, wood pieces which specially designed for round logs, square blocks ,wood staff and so on. The efficiency is much higher than the ordinary one.
Operation easy ,maintanence simple, life long znd the noise is low. They would be the best choice for factories and families which deal with wood scraps. It is your best choice to process wood products and sawdust.

Mobile Wood Chipper

The XP mobile wood chipper crusher is good at cutting log wood, wood branches, and other wood materials into small wood chips, the efficiency is higher than other similar products.
The XP series wood chipper, use diesel engine, so it is no need electricity, it can working outside the factory, and can working in the forest. Under the bottom of the machine, there are 2 wheels, which can use tractor to move the machine very easily.
The output wood chips size is 10-30mm, finished chips used as fuel of boiler, stove.
It is the ideal equipment for wood process factory, and bio-energy process factory.

Disc Wood Chipper

PX Disc Wood chipper is mainly used to crush raw wood logs into 1-3cm wood chips, the thickness of last chips is 1.5mm-3mm, length and width is 10-30mm.
It also can cut long bamboo or sugarcane into small chips, the difference between drum chipper is that after crushed by disc wood chipper, the outlet chip dimension is more even.
The disc wood chipper has two feeding type: one is to feed logs from top ,second is to feed from side belt conveyor—changeable speed feeding logs. For outlet discharging chips type , there are two ways , one is the outlet is from the other top door, the other is the outlet is from bottom, both structure and operating are very easy.
It can be driven by both diesel engine and electric motor, very easy to be operated.