How EFB Materials Are Made Into Pellets?

1.Crushing: Crush the fibrous EFB materials into small pieces. Material Sizing is very necessary before the material enter pellet mill, otherwise if the strand is too long it will choke and jammed the machine. This is where the skill and experience comes into play.
2.Drying: Dry the palm fiber to certain moisture content which is suitable for pelletizing.
3.Pelletizing: For EFB pelletizing production, a ring die type large pellet mill is needed. Flat die pellet mill is not capable of processing palm fiber materials.

Palm Fiber / EFB Pellet Mill For Sale

We provide specific EFB pellet mill for making EFB pellets – Large Ring Die Pellet Machine. It is designed to process hardwood materials such as palm fiber/silk and EFB empty fruit bunch. The output of palm fiber pellet making production is relatively lower than sawdust pellet making production.
real_wood_pellet_machine (3)

Palm Fiber Pellet Machine

real_wood_pellet_machine (2)

Palm Fiber Pellet Mill

※note 1: The stamping stainless steel dispensing system is currently limited to the 7th generation 560 pellet machine.
※note 2: Due to 560 small transmission power, the gear flip structure is currently limited to the 7th generation 850 pellet machine.
1.Vertical die,feeding vertically;No arching of raw materials,easy for heating dissipation;
2.Ring Die fixed,rollers rotating,materials centrifugal,evenly distributed around;
3.Double-layer dies,up and down dual-use,high efficiency,saving energy;
4.Independent changeable frequency device,ensure formation rate of pellets.

Palm Fiber Pellet Line

To make premium EFB pellet mill and help our customers make high quality EFB pellets, YULONG spend years researching palm EFB pellet production, considering each feedback from our customers. And finally we find the best way to make palm fiber pellets. We adjust the main parts of pellet mill to meet EFB pelletizing process. And we also adjust the crushing and drying machinery in palm fiber pellet plant. So far, YULONG Energy has many successful projects of Palm Fiber Pellet Line around the world.