5th Generation Centrifugal Wood Pellet Mill


5th Generation Centrifugal Pellet Mill

1. Wood Pellet Mill is our main product which has adopted the essence of pellet mill in oversea market.
2. Wood Pellet Mill has filled the country blank in vertical feeding for ring die pellet mill and reached the international advanced level.
3. Wood Pellet Mill is mainly applicable for difficult molding materials with low adhesion rate,for example rice husk, sunflower husk, peanut shell and fruit shell; branch, stem, bark and other wood waste; a variety of crop stalks; rubber, cement, ash and other chemical materials.
4. Wood Pellet making Machinery can be used in feed mill, wood processing plants, fuel plants,fertilizer plants, chemical plants etc. Since it requires less investment and yield quicker result and that no risk,Vertial Ring-die Wood Pellet Machine for sale is an ideal dense compression molding equipment.
Vertical die,feeding vertically;No arching of raw materials,easy for heating dissipation.
Ring Die fixed,rollers rotating,materials centrifugal,evenly distributed around.
Double-layer dies,up and down dual-use,high efficiency,saving energy.
Independent changeable frequency device,ensure formation rate of pellets.