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6th Generation Centrifugal Pellet Mill

Reduce the cost
For example,5-6 ton per hour capacity,every day working 10 hours,if using our 2 setss of 6th generation XGJ850 compare with 2 sets of XGJ850,every year can saving grease cost for using grease,USD13000 to USD16000,Saving the cost for replace the roller bearing about USD6000.
The 6th generation of pellet machine high reliability of the transmission system can save the cost of gear reducer replacement of about USD1500.Despite the overall strengthening of the structure,but the equipment is more compact,reducing the height of auxiliary equipment,reducing the cost of the cost of the production line also reduces the area occupied.
No need indepependent lubriction pump.
A1.New roller design:the roller using the latest German technology,advanced process,innovative one package,the roller throughout the life cycle,no need to replace the bearings and no need adding grease.
A2.Lubrication of the main shaft:Main shaft and reducer using oil to do lubrication,effectively reduce the main bearing temperature,and no need adding grease.
Strengthen the transmission system
A3.Deceleration structure :transmission with parallel shaft three hardened teeth helical slowdoen,gear modulus increase,gear widening,strengthening,transmission strength is 3-5 times the conventiomal reducer.
A4.Power input:the use of efficient energy-saving motor,plug directly connected,coaxial high,high-speed shaft with parallel shaft structure,gear shaft are two support rotation,high rigidity,smooth and reliable transmission,to abandon the greater power.
A5.Power output:the deive output and the spindle into one,to abandon the limited form of connection,the strenght increased 2-3 times.
A6.Main shaft strengtheming:the shaft length is shortened,the stiffness is significantly improved,high stiffness of the shaft can reduce the wear of mold and rollers.
A7.Flexible installation:the device outlet can be multi-angle rotation,equipment installation more flexible and diverse.